Almost Design


Version 2.3

β€’ New blog post πŸ”–
β€’ small changes in copy and footer social media links
β€’ Fixed bug where unfilled placeholders were appearing πŸ›

29th Aug, 2021

Version 2.2

β€’ Code layers clean-up 🧹
β€’ Faster load times, optimised image loads πŸš€
β€’ Get in touch section added πŸ“ž
β€’ Added new stack items ✨
β€’ Stack link is now clickable in footer πŸ‘†

1st Aug, 2021

placeholder image

Version 2.1

β€’ New loader animation πŸ”„
β€’ New page - Stack: tools I use πŸ› 
β€’ Navigation is sticky now πŸ”
β€’ Added disabled button states ⛔️
β€’ Project cards are clickable now πŸ‘†

20th Jun, 2021

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Version 2.0

β€’ Complete redesign and revamp of the websiteπŸ’ͺ
β€’ New projects added ✨
β€’ Dedicated Blog page πŸ”–
β€’ New page for visual stuff I post on Instagram πŸ“·
β€’ New Navigation and Footer 🧭
β€’ New Process section πŸŒ€
β€’ Added Version timeline of my digital playground ⏳

1 JUN 2021

placeholder image

Version 1.0

β€’ First version of my digital playground πŸ•Ή
β€’ Exploration of No-code tools βš™οΈ
β€’ Learnt how basic HTML is structured and CSS is used 🌐
β€’ Basic pages for portfolio and projects πŸ“„

31 OCT 2020

placeholder image